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SvoeMesto Kayfun Prime NITE DLC SE 22mm RTA

SvoeMesto Kayfun Prime NITE DLC SE 22mm RTA
SvoeMesto Kayfun Prime NITE DLC SE 22mm RTA
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Made In:Germany
RDA Airflow:Adjustable
RDA Diameter:22mm Ø
RDA Features:No Post
RDA Posts:Postless
Tank Capacity:2ml
Tank Features:Rebuildable Coils, Replacement Parts

The SvoeMesto Kayfun Prime SE Nite DLC RTA is a high-end rebuildable tank atomiser. Recommended for the more advanced vaper, it has been designed for mouth to lung vaping, producing discreet amounts of vapour - offering enhanced flavour from e-liquids. Featuring a 2ml capacity, the Prime RTA can be used with single coil builds and utilises a simple postless build deck.


  • 2ml RTA
  • High-end materials and build
  • Limited edition 
  • Top filling
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Postless deck
  • Single coil builds

Different from the standard Kayfun Prime, the SE Nite DLC model is a limited edition model that uses a special Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating and gold-plating on interior parts - for a stronger and stylish set-up. Customisation is a key part of its design, there are six airflow settings ranging from 1mm to 2mm in size - to help you find your ideal level of vapour flow, to match your inhale.

The postless build deck is suited to smaller single rebuildable coils, while the screw fittings make it easy to fit your coil. A small chamber covers the build deck, which concentrates vapour, helping to deliver a better flavour and accentuating a mouth to lung vaping style. The 2ml tank will provide a steady flow of e-liquid to your coils, with the top filling cap making refilling a quick and simple job.

The benefit of atomisers like the Kayfun SE Nite RTA is that you’ll experience the quality flavour of a classic rebuildable, with the convenience and capacity of a standard vape tank. This coupled with the high-quality build and materials, make this RTA a true collector's item, that you can still use every day.


  • SvoeMesto Kayfun Prime Nite DLC SE RTA
  • Spares Kit
  • Steel Tank Section (preinstalled)
  • Glass Tank Section
  • User Manual

Important information about Rebuildable Tank Atomisers:

Rebuildable atomisers are recommended only for experienced users. You should have the knowledge and access to the equipment that is required to set up this atomiser properly. 

Before building or using an RTA you should have a thorough knowledge of battery safety, Ohm’s Law and vaping in general. 

Before fitting a coil onto your rebuildable atomiser ensure it is in a safe condition and registering the correct Ohmage, this testing and checking can be achieved by using a dedicated Ohmmeter. Coils should not be tested on vape devices.

The 22mm Kayfun Prime Nite DLC SE is a high end RTA which features six airflow settings.
Boasting six succinct airflow settings, the Kayfun Prime Nite DLC SE provides versatility with style.
The 2ml Kayfun Prime Nite DLC SE RTA features a postless build deck with a small chamber which covers the build deck for concentrated vapour production.
Offering consistent and concentrated vapour production, the Kayfun Prime Nite DLC SE is a high-performing RTA.
The 22mm Kayfun Prime Nite DLC SE RTA features a simple top fill cap method which is clean and hassle-free.
To refill the Kayfun Prime Nite DLC SE RTA, remove the top cap and fill the juice port with e-liquid before securing back in for a practical experience.

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