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Switcher Vape Kit Gift Set

Switcher Vape Kit Gift Set
Switcher Vape Kit Gift Set
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  • Model: gna5mewz5sk6593
Battery Capacity:520mAh
Battery Type:Integrated
Coil Resistance:1.4ohm
Tank Capacity:2ml

The Switcher Vape Kit Gift Set offers everything that’s needed to start vaping. This gift set contains a beginner vape kit, empty replacement pods and e-liquid to fill it with. 

The Uwell Caliburn is a simple pod kit that requires very little maintenance. Powered by a large 520mAh built-in battery it has only one button so there's no confusing set-up. The simplicity and compact size of the Caliburn makes it a popular choice as you can use this kit every day, wherever you are.

Each 2ml Caliburn pod can be paired with a range of e-liquids and can be refilled multiple times. To get you started, this set includes two 10ml e-liquids from two of our best-selling ranges - Club Juice Salts and Just Juice Nic Salt.

By using salt nicotine, these e-liquids will create a smooth throat hit when vaped. They feature a 50% VG concentration, Just Juice has an 11mg strength and Club Juice features a 20mg nicotine strength. The option of an 11mg and 20mg nicotine strength gives you the opportunity to try different strengths to find out which suits you best.


  • Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit
  • 5 x Replacement Caliburn Pods
  • Ice Menthol 20mg by Club Juice Salt 10ml E-liquid
  • Apple & Pear On Ice 11mg by Juice Juice 10ml E-liquid
  • Branded Drip Cloth

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