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SvoeMesto Kayfun Prime RTA Spares Kit

SvoeMesto Kayfun Prime RTA Spares Kit
SvoeMesto Kayfun Prime RTA Spares Kit
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  • Model: vmjr1ughtsb6698
Accessories Type:O Rings / Tank Seals, RBA/RTA Spare Parts
Made In:China

The Kayfun Prime RTA by Svoemesto is an advanced vape device, this spares kit will help you keep it in good working order. Each kit contains a full set of O-Rings, four flathead coil post screws and four cross head coil post screws. This kit is intended for use with the Kayfun Prime only.


  • 1 x Full Set of O-Rings
  • 4 x Flathead Coil Post Screws
  • 4 x Four Cross Head Coil Post Screws

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