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Vapo Haiz Grape Ice Prefilled Pod

Vapo Haiz Grape Ice Prefilled Pod
Vapo Haiz Grape Ice Prefilled Pod
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Eliquid Flavours:Grape, Ice / Slush
Made In:New Zealand
Pack Size:2 Pack
Tank Capacity:2ml
Tank Features:Disposable

The VAPO HAIZ Grape Ice replacement pods are designed for use with the VAPO HAIZ pod kit only. This blend features a dark, sweet grape flavour throughout accompanied by an icy bite to finish.

The VAPO HAIZ replacement disposable pods have a 2ml e-liquid capacity and contain 20mg of salt nicotine. These MTL pods house a ceramic coil which provides an extended lifespan along with consistent, clear flavour.

By using salt nicotine, this e-liquid will provide a smooth throat hit when vaped, while the 20mg nicotine strength will satisfy nicotine cravings through a fast absorption.


  • 2 x VAPO HAIZ 2ml Grape Ice 20mg Salt Nicotine Replacement Pods

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